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About gzalo

My name is Gonzalo Avila Alterach, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Gzalo (formerly gzaloprgm) is my nickname, I use it as an username in most of my public social media accounts. And it’s also the name of my website, this kind of blog that I’ve been maintaining since almost 20 years ago, in which I post articles and different projects I’ve built.

I’m an Electronics Engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the UBA (FIUBA) in 2017. This page and the different videos I publish are a way of sharing everything I learn and continue to learn on a daily basis, in the hopes that someone can find it and make the most out of it.

I consider that nowadays we have many paywalls that don’t let us access the knowledge, and they difficult the advancement of humanity, so most of my projects are released under open licenses (in most cases even for commercial usage).

I use GitHub Projects to track the progress of most of my projects, you can look at them here.

Right now I’m working for Roche as a Principal Software Engineer, the opinions expressed here and in my social accounds are mine, and may not represent the position of my employer.


  • Computer networks
  • Embedded systems, both 8 and 32 bits
  • Robotics, algorithms and its applications
  • Signal processing
  • Web development
  • Photography (both analog and digital cameras) and video creation
  • Gaming and game development
  • Virtual Reality
  • Woodworking, 3d printing and machining of parts

Technologies I use

  • Java/Kotlin · JS/TS · C/C++ · PHP · Python · Assembler (for some obsolete architectures)
  • Graphical libraries: OpenGL · SDL2
  • Cloud and more: AWS (EC2, S3, Batch, Lambda, API Gateway), CloudFlare (Pages, Workers, KV), Docker, Nagios
  • Databases: MariaDB · PostgreSQL · MongoDB · InfluxDB
  • Photoshop · Premiere · After Effects · DaVinci Resolve


Got any questions? Interested in hiring me? Found any errors in texts or circuits?

You can write a comment in one of the articles or contact me using the footer links.

The code that builds this website is available on GitHub, so you can open an issue or pull request directly too!

Sometimes I also make music, but you can say it's quite jitty.