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Games Database

Collection of data from different games from my childhood

Mi Band 6 Heart Rate Monitor (2022)

Display your Mi Band 6’s heart rate in the browser.

Genico - Numeric icon generator (2019)

A numeric icon generator, very useful for working with HMI display, like DGUS (DWIN) / SGUS / VGUS.

Lightweight speech recognition library for EDU-CIAA (2017)

Lightweight library for speech recognition in ARM Cortex M4 microcontrollers. It extracts MFCC coefficients and recognises words using Viterbi algorithm, and Hidden Markov Chains (HMM), first-order, using gaussian mixture probabilities.

FoamCutter (2017)

A basic foam cutter, using a nichrome wire.

Speech recognition using HTK (2016)

Distributed finite-grammar speech recognition based on the HTK toolkit. Developed as a final project for an university class. Uses JSRecorder and Web Audio API to capture microphone audio from the computer.

Half-Life map viewer (2016)

This project is a renderer designed specifically to explore the world of Half-Life. It allows for realtime rendering of the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Utilities for Digital Systems classes (2015)

Software that help developing FPGA systems with VGA outputs.

Domotic control via IR and PC (2014)

A domotic panel to control the lights of multiple bedrooms, allowing the user to change the intensity of them via 3 interfaces. This project was created with Juan Ignacio Troisi and Martin Menendez, for the university subject Laboratorio de microcontroladores.

Buenos Aires mapper (2014)

3D Map of Buenos Aires using data provided by the government. Uses OpenGL for 3D acceleration, SDL for window and event management.

LED matrix with inclination sensors (2013)

This project is based in a 8x8 bicolor LED matrix, controlled by a PC via the parallel port. We also included two homemade orientation sensors, allowing the detection of the matrix angle.

Mini game console with TV out (2012)

Sample application that generates NTSC signals (black and white) which can be viewed in any standard definition TV. Based in a 8052 microcontroller.

LCDTerminal (2012)

Alphanumeric display controlled via UART. Can also be used in LCD Smartie to monitor the resource usage of a PC.

Digital combination lock (2012)

Digital logic based that implements a combination lock similar to those used in hotel rooms.

Muscular electrostimulator (2011)

Muscular electrostimulator controlled by a microcontroller.

Worms clone using SDL y OpenGL (2010)

A simple clone of Worms, using those libraries. Can be played by multiple players locally.

Small physics engine (2010)

Based on the Advanced Character Physics paper by Jakobsen. HTML5 and Javascript based, supports only circles.

Card game - Electrónica (2010)

SDL based multiplayer game done as a final project for an assignature.

AlephTrack - Tracker using GPS and GSM/GPRS (2010)

Allows tracking and real-time monitoring via the Internet of the location of a device, which can be installed in a car.

Mini game console with LED matrix (2009)

Simple 8x8 game console based in an 8052 microcontroller, developed in C, compiled with SDCC.

Cs_electronicaort (2008)

Counter-Strike 1.6 map, inspired in the Electronics floor of ORT Yatay (Highschool I attended).