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Grid (2020)

Draws a structure that looks like a grid/network. Supports tuning some of the animation and drawing parameters.

Melex (2019)

Basic canvas experiments, teaching my sister JavaScript and canvas drawing essentials.

Schrod (2018)

Audiovisual representation of solutions to the Heat and Schrödinger’s equation.

Radar (2016)

Shows how to use the distance to N points to pinpoint an object (similar to how a radar works).

Kalman (2016)

Visual representation of a Kalman filter, used for estimating position using noisy acceleration data.

Can't see (2016)

Gradually reducing font size yields interesting results. Extract of Ensayo sobre la ceguera by José Saramago.

Tunnel (2013)

Messing around with tunnel draing while studying for an algorithms final (now converted to canvas).

TestPattern (2013)

Patterns similar to the ones I used to draw using pen and paper when I was young. Might get stuck at some dead ends, didn’t implement any logic to fix it.

CanvasDraw (2012)

Random walk with an random angle change trigger (now converted to canvas!)

Plasma (2009)

Random plasma effect. Originally used SDL, now converted to HTML5/Canvas. Added extra formulas and palettes.

Repeat (2008)

Small game whose objective is to keep the train from hitting itself. Inspired by Tron and Snake, but with infinite angles.

Matrix (2008)

Matrix like effect (digital rain). Uses Flash 8 (yes!) Bitmap capabilities.

Random (2005)

Really simple random shape generator I built back when I was still using Flash.