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Ludum Dare 53 - Energy delivery

Game developed in 48 hs for the Ludum Dare game jam

Ball bearing sizes

Table showing the different sizes of commercially available ball bearings, useful when creating mechanical projects.

Video camera modification to see IR light

How to modify an ordinary video camera to increase the spectrum of the light it can see, allowing the visualization of near-infrared.

Using GPS modules with microcontrollers

How to get the position from a GPS module, by parsing the NMEA strings.

Using a cellphone or GSM/GPRS modem with a microcontroller

How to use a cellphone or a modem to send and receive texts and SMS using a microcontroller.

Matrix keyboards, microcontroller interface

Easy tips to route multiple tact switches disposed in a matrix configuration.

List of software commonly used in electronics

Analysis of some electronic programs I used or use daily.

LED Matrix, methods to control

How to control a LED matrix with a microcontroller.

Introduction to SDL2, developing a pixel font editor

Small tutorial to learn the basics of SDL2, using C++.

Introduction to PIC microcontrollers

Small introductory article about 8 bit microcontrollers, focusing on Microchip PIC16 family.

Introduction to I2C protocol, reading and writing in 24LC memories

Very useful memories, typically used to store configuration data or to keep logs with sensor data.

Introduction to GLSL Shaders

A small article that can help people that want to get into the world of graphic shaders development.

Input/output port expansion

How to add more digital inputs or outputs to a microcontroller, using shift registers.

Homemade inclination sensors

How to build small sensors with two states, that can sense the rotation of a board in two axes.

Graphical LCDs based on KS0108

How to control a Graphic LCD with a resolution of 128x64 (or 192x64) based in KS0108, using a microcontroller and two 8 bit I/O ports.

External RAM memories in MCS51 architecture (8051/8052)

How to connect and use an external memory, using data and address multiplexing.

DC motor control with H bridge

Different ways to control DC motors.

Compiling programs with GNU compilers

How to use the free GNU compilers to build C/C++ projects.

Analog to digital converter without ADC

How to easily measure the value of a resistor, using a microcontroller without Analog to Digital converters.

Alphanumeric LCDs based on HD44780

How to control an Alphanumeric LCD using a microcontroller. Includes commands and schematics.

Usage of MAX232 for RS232-TTL level shifting

A simple circuit used in almost every circuit that needs a connection with a PC.

Introduction to PLD (Programmable Logic Devices)

Small summary of applications of PLA, PAL, GAL and PLD based systems.

Four channel RF remote control, using HT12D/E

How to remote control loads via an RF link, using cheap modules and ICs.